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Our Culinary Journey

At Ma Seung Sek, we strongly believe that good food belongs to everyone, and founder Gabriel Tan has established exactly this. Ma Seung Sek was created to showcase delicious cuisine that is not only affordable, but set in a comfortable environment where everyone can be together sharing laughter, fun and memories Cantonese cuisine is our focus. Carefully selected & premium ingredients provide flavor that bring comfort to the stomach At Ma Seung Sek, this is where strangers become friends. This is where people don't come to eat, but rather, to enjoy a meal. We want to provide an experience to remember no matter the occasion. Welcome to Ma Seung Sek. Curious about our membership benefits? Join today! Join our membership to enjoy benifit VIP Member | Pay $50 and get $20 vourcher x3 and 20% rebate with 30 days expiration and birthday month discount Normal Member | 10% rebate 30 days expirarion. Please approach our staff to find out more about our membership. It's our pleasure to serve you, from food to wine, beginning to end, we have you covered.

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